Example of common breadcrumb item:
public class Breadcrumb : NavigationItem<Breadcrumb>
public string Action { get; set; }
public string Controller { get; set; }
public string Area { get; set; }
IBreadcrumbNavigation<Breadcrumb> is the main service to get navigation. IBreadcrumbNavigation<Breadcrumb> created once per request within the scope.
For example, create _Breadcrumbs.cshtml view:
@using Structr.Navigation
@model IBreadcrumbNavigation<Breadcrumb>
<div class="navigation breadcrumbs">
<h4 class="navigation-title">Breadcrumbs:</h4>
<ul class="navigation-content">
@foreach (var breadcrumb in Model)
@if (breadcrumb.IsActive)
<a href="@Url.Action(breadcrumb.Action, breadcrumb.Controller, new { area = breadcrumb.Area })">@breadcrumb.Title</a>
Then you can inject IBreadcrumbNavigation<Breadcrumb> into _Layout.cshtml and use _Breadcrumbs.cshtml partial view to rendering breadcrumbs.
@using Structr.Navigation
@inject IBreadcrumbNavigation<Breadcrumb> breadcrumbs
<partial name="_Breadcrumbs" model="breadcrumbs" />